Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some choice quotations

From Felix Farley's Bristol Journal:

20 November, 1762:
'Arrived at Virginia, the Hector Chilcott, last from Angola, with 512 slaves'.
'Tuesday died in Queen-square Mr King, Commander of a Ship in the African Trade.'
30 January 1768:
'For sale a healthy Negro Slave named Prince, 17 Years of Age. Measuring Five Feet and Ten Inches and extremely well grown.'
From the correspondence of John Pinney, Bristol merchant and Nevis plantation owner, 1765:
'Since my arrival, I have purchased 9 Negroe slaves at St Kitts and can assure you I was shocked at the first appearance of human flesh exposed for sale. But surely God ordained them for the use and benefit of us: otherwise his Divine Will would surely have been made manifest by some particular sign or token.'